It's that time again…unfortunately. Memories of past years’ smog-filled summer come flooding in once again. The heat is already unbearable as it is, but now with the skies being filled with thick layers of particles, dust and smoke, heat is going to stay trapped even longer. But as you've probably experienced, heat is nowhere near the worst consequence of haze. Some of us could become susceptible to the following symptoms:

  • Dry Cough
  • Dry Throat
  • Sneezing
  • Running Nose
  • Eye Irritation

As pointed out by the Ministry of Health, most of these symptoms are caused by the irritant effects of dust particles in the air. So as not to aggravate any pre-existing conditions, anyone with a pre-existing heart conditions, lung conditions or allergies should be particularly cautious and avoid spending too much time outdoors.

Our Eyes

Being exposed to haze for even a short time can cause eye irritation and even red eyes for some of us, with usual symptoms being:

  • Tearing
  • Redness
  • Dry eyes
  • Burning sensation

So what can we do to protect our eyes from the effects of Haze?

  • Wear wraparound sunglasses/goggles – This helps keep dust particles from reaching our eyes (Especially important for those with sensitive eyes or spending a lot of time outdoors). So if you deliver food for a living, definitely get some goggles!
  • Stay indoors as much as possible
  • Keep your windows and doors closed
  • Use artificial tears to relieve irritation
  • Wear daily disposable contact lenses rather than bi-weekly or monthly lenses which will accumulate dust
  • Temporarily stop wearing your contact lenses if you have really sensitive or dry eyes

The effects of Haze are usually very mild for most people and you shouldn’t let it dampen your summer mood. There are plenty of healthy and fun-filled activities that can be done indoors, including Singapore's national pastime: eating. Which is great, since eating food that's high in nutrients and vitamins can help boost our immune system against the effect of the Haze.

Stay Happy, & Stay Healthy and as usual, for any question regarding contact lenses don't hesitate to contact us at or +65 3163 2052.


Prem Muniandy, Director of Optometry at SeeChic.