Probably the most ingenious way of deflecting light, after polarized lenses, flash mirrored glasses not only grant a decrease of 10 to 60% in light penetration but also remain very relevant with style mavens sporting the trend and a huge celebrity following. You guessed it, we’re still into mirrored sunglasses

If we were to pinpoint an exact moment in time of when the mirror trend re-emerged in full gear, we would say the flash direction became apparent somewhere between spring-summer and fall-winter seasons of 2013, when brands like Carolina Herrera , Paul Smith or Cavalli pushed to a new extreme a previously successful movement, that of metallics. So, after metals came mirrors; having already done successfully in shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry all over the SS13 runways, fashion sunglasses also got a touch of metallic at that time, by presenting gradient mirror glasses in colorful glossy tones.

Fast forward to today and mirrored sunglasses are still ruling the land. Let’s just put it this way: if you’re still into flash lenses, it just so happens that Olivia Palermo is joining the same club as you.  Her dressed-down looks up-ed by a mirrored pair of sunglasses, are a very resourceful example on how to rock this style like a pro; not to mention Palermo is far from being the only one „endorsing” the style. From Beyonce, to Jessica Alba or even celebrity housewife Lisa Vanderpump, there’s hardly „anyone who’s anyone” who hasn’t got the fever.

Whether you decide to go with the simplest version of a mirror coating, of one single layer of a deposited thin film, or go with a wraparound retro shield high fashion, statement sunglasses, SeeChic's range of mirrored sunglasses gives you plenty of possibilities to choose from. You can go with fun, mirrors with patterned frames à la Quay Australia and Le Specs, or choose a classic mirrored Ray Ban to indulge.  

This week’s editor’s choice is by far, Quay's Breath of Life sunglasses, a sleek almost sci fi-like pair of stunners. When in doubt, use a mirror. You will see both cause and resolution.

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